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#Quickstart for BillCollect

Below is a quick summary of the onboarding process for BBPS BillCollect.

#Step 1 — Start KYC and business documentation

This is started once Setu’s Sales team has interacted with you and confirmed integration. You will need to add a few details and review some agreements—

  1. Add KYC and business contact details (KYC varies as per your business category)
  2. Review and sign the consent form required for BBPS integration
  3. Sign legal agreements—the SOP agreement with Setu and Pricing agreement.

#Step 2 — Choose integration method

Setu will share a technical onboarding form to collect all details pertaining to the BBPS BillCollect integration. You can choose one of the following ways to integrate—

No-code CSV integration

Look at the CSV quickstart to proceed.

  • No API integration needed—details for bill fetch and payment provided by Setu.
  • Share customer bills in a CSV file format provided by Setu.

Note, that as opposed to API integration, bill details shared via CSV will not reflect the latest info on your system. For eg, if you upload a CSV with bills, and a few customers pay before due date—Setu will still consider those bills as unpaid, unless you upload another CSV file with this info.

API integration

Look at the API quickstart to proceed.

  • Integrate with bill fetch and bill pay APIs.
  • Share latest customer bill info via APIs.

#Step 3 — Go Live

Head to the Go Live section and submit your configuration for review. Once Setu approves your configuration, you will be ready to accept transactions via BBPS.

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