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Setu Developer Documentation

Documentation and APIs for our financial products across bill payments, data blocks, investments and more.

Our products

Plug-n-play product blocks to embed financial services in your app or website


Core infrastructure to accept payments and move money


Hassle free, privacy compliant integrations for customer data


Investment products built atop our payments and data infra


Build buyer and seller apps using our commerce stack

The Bridge

How-to guides on using and configuring products on our console


An overview of how The Bridge works


Download transaction and settlement reports

OAuth keys

Setup OAuth keys to authorise API requests made to Setu

New to Setu?

Create an account and get access to our sandbox in just minutes


BBPS BillCollect

Become a BBPS biller to collect repeat payments online or offline

No code integration

Upload a CSV file to share your customers’ bills and let Setu handle the rest.

API integration

Integrate with our APIs to show the latest bill to your customer.

BBPS BillPay

Enable bill payments to any BBPS biller from your app or website

Pre-built screens

Theme Setu screens to match your brand. Opt for inbuilt UPI payment or use your own payment gateway.

API integration

Use APIs to build your own UI. Set up an account with our partner bank and collect payments for any BBPS biller.

WhatsApp Collect

Use a WhatsApp business account to collect one-off or recurring bill payments

Payment reminders

Send payment reminders with inbuilt UPI payment links

Collection journey

Let customers initiate payments via WhatsApp chat

UPI DeepLinks

Generate UPI payment links on-demand


Multiple ways to enable digital or offline transactions


Account Aggregator

Access rich financial data with user consent to enable personal finance management, loan underwriting and investment recommendations for your customers.


A summary of how to use the Setu AA sandbox


Verify individuals or businesses to disburse loans, make payouts, and more.

Aadhaar eSign

Collect legally enforceable Aadhaar based electronic signatures