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#Quickstart Guide

Here is a quick summary of steps to help you integrate with Setu’s Insights API. Before you start, there are some key terms that will be referred to periodically in the documentation—

  • FI Data block—FI Data blocks are the data received from the FIP (Financial information provider), via the AA. Currently, we only support bank statement datablock.
  • Template—A template is a pre-configured format that determines the structure of the generated report, including which insights to generate. You can pick and choose exactly what insights should be added to a template, based on your needs. For example, if you only want to generate income and expense insights of a customer, the template can contain only those two insights.

Please refer to the Account Aggregator's quickstart guide for key terms related to AA

#Step 1—Template creation

You need to send in the below information to insights@setu.co, for setting up your template.

FIU IDThis can be obtained from your AA integration
Notification endpointAn endpoint where Setu will send you webhook notifications for events. See notifications.
Template nameChoose a suitable name, which helps you easily recognise this template
Insights requiredA list of required Insights. See the full list here.
Output formatFormat in which you need the output — currently only JSON is supported

Setu will create a template for you and share a templateID, which can be used in the API calls.

#Step 2—Feed data

Once you have the financial data of a user, you can feed this data into Setu Insights as a FI Data block. A dataId is assigned to to every FI Data block that is created. Refer API integration to integrate with Data ingestion APIs.

#Step 3—Generate insights

You can generate insights for each FI Data block that is created in the previous step. To generate insights, pass the templateId and dataId from the previous steps.

An insight report is idenitified by a reportId and will be sent to you asynchronously on the notification URL you provide. You can also fetch a generated insight with the reportId at any point. Refer API integration to integrate with Insight generation APIs.

#Test on Postman or integrate APIs

If you are getting started with the integration, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with setting up Postman and configuring credentials. If you have already completed this step, you can integrate with the Setu Insights APIs directly.

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