BBPS BillPay#

What is BBPS?#

BBPS, or Bharat Bill Payment System allows customers to pay 20k+ businesses across categories like utility bills, loan EMIs, school fees, and more—using a network of offline and online agents.

Who is an agent?#

An agent is a registered BBPS entity allowed to collect payments for BBPS billers across all categories.

You may register as an agent on BBPS, to collect BBPS bill payments with Setu APIs on your supported collection channels (offline or online).

What can I do with this product?#

With Setu BillPay, you can enable BBPS bill payments for your customers on your app or website. If you are a BBPS biller, you can even collect payments to your business directly.

You may integrate with Setu in any of the following ways—

  • Website integration—1 line integration with pre-built screens. Inbuilt UPI payment option.
  • App integration—Integrate with pre-built screens, as web views in your app. Support for Android and iOS. Inbuilt UPI payment option.
  • API integration—Register as an agent institution and use Setu APIs. Build your own screens and use your own payment gateway.

The default integration for Setu’s pre-built screens have an inbuilt UPI payment option. However, you may use your own payment gateway too, by supporting a few more APIs.

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