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#BBPS BillCollect

#What is BBPS?

BBPS, or Bharat Bill Payment System, supports collecting payments for utility bills, loan EMIs, school fees, and more. It allows cash and digital payment modes with 400+ digital apps and 3.5M offline touch points.

Register as a Biller to make your bills available on BBPS.

#Who is a Biller?

Any business that generates bills for goods or services provided to a customer, and wants to collect payments using BBPS.

#What can I do with this product?

Collect payments on 400+ UPI and banking apps like PhonePe or GPay; and also have a presence on offline channels.

Setu provides API integrations and settlement services for this product.

Time to integrate: 3 days

Time to go live: 1 to 5 weeks.

#How it works

Here is a typical list of steps involved in collecting payments from a customer. Let’s use the example of a borrower repaying a loan amount from a lender. In this scenario, the lender is the Biller partner that has integrated with Setu.

  1. Customer opens a UPI or banking app of their choice, and clicks on “Loans”.
  2. A list of lenders is displayed, from where the customer selects their lender.
  3. The customer then verifies themselves by entering their loan number / mobile number, which the lender recognises and can use as a customer identifier. Refer: fetchCustomerBills
  4. The customer views the amount to be repaid, and pays. Note that the UI shows an exact amount to be paid, but we also support partial amounts with custom validation.
  5. The app asks for the payment method, and the customer selects, say, UPI.
  6. Customer enters UPI mPIN to pay from preferred bank account.
  7. Payment is completed, verified as per biller validations and settled to biller account on T+2.