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#List of insights

You can create templates by picking only those insights that you need. Below is a list of all available insights that Setu Insights can provide—

Insight nameDetails
nameName of the user
dobDate of Birth of the user
emailE-Mail ID of the user
panPermanent Account Number of the user
ckyc_complianceChecks if the bank has carried out the CKYC compliance for the user
mobileMobile number of the user
bank_namesName of the bank
bank_branchBranch of the bank
bank_account_numberBank account number of the user
bank_account_typeBank account type of the user
opening_dateDate on which the bank account was opened
closing_balanceAmount value of the account as of the lastest date
od_cc_limitThe portion of the sanctioned limit that is available to be drawn
current_quarterly_average_eod_balanceAverage end of day balance for the current quarter
previous_quarterly_average_eod_balanceAverage end of day balance for previous quarter
end_of_month_balancesBalances as on the end of the month
balances_on_10thBalances as on the 10th of the month
balances_on_20thBalances as on the 20th of the month
end_of_day_balancesEnd of day balances for everyday of the month
average_end_of_day_balanceAverage of the end of day balances
maximum_end_of_day_balanceMaximum of the end of day balances
total_creditsTotal number of credits to the user's accounts
total_credits_valueTotal amount credited to the user's account
total_debitsTotal number of debits to the user's account
total_debits_valueTotal amount debited from the user's account
top_10_creditsTop 10 credit transactions of the user
top_10_debitsTop 10 debit transactions of the user
quarterly_salary_averageThe 3 month average salary of the user
semi_yearly_salary_averageThe 6 month average salary of the user
yearly_salary_averageThe 12 month average salary of the user
cash_deposit_x_total_creditThe monthly cash deposit to total credit amount ratio
cash_withdrawals10 recent cash withdrawals
inward_cheque_bounce_countTotal number of inward cheque bounces
outward_cheque_bounce_countTotal number of outward cheque bounces
cheque_bouncesSummary of cheque bounces
expenses_monthly_summaryDetailed classification of the user's monthly expenses
inflows_monthly_summaryDetailed classificaiton of the user's monthly incomes

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