#WhatsApp Collect

#What are WhatsApp Business APIs?

In 2018, WhatsApp released Business APIs that allow businesses to serve their customers via their WhatsApp accounts. Businesses can use these APIs to build various customer experiences.

With Setu WhatsApp Collect, you can start collecting payments via WhatsApp.

#What is WhatsApp Collect?

Setu’s WhatsApp Collect product enables businesses to collect payments natively via WhatsApp. Our “pay now” buttons offer a seamless 3-click payment experience for your customer.

To get started, simply set up a WhatsApp business account with one of our partner BSPs.

Time to integrate: 5 days

Time to go live: 2 weeks

#Who are WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSPs)?

BSPs are entities authorised by Facebook to provision and distribute WhatsApp Business accounts. Setu has partnered with top BSPs to build a state of the art WhatsApp collection stack.

#How can I use this product?

At Setu, we classify WhatsApp Collect into two product constructs—

  • Collection Reminders, where you can send reminders to your customers for any payment to be collected from them.
  • Collection Journey, where your customer can initiate a WhatsApp chat to fetch their latest outstanding bill with your business.

For either alternative, a customer can initiate their payment, right from WhatsApp and use any available UPI app on their phone to complete payment.

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