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#Offline Aadhaar KYC

#What is offline Aadhaar KYC?

Offline Aadhaar KYC, or OKYC, is a legally compliant KYC method as per UIDAI guidelines. Your customers can provide their Aadhaar number and verify with an OTP sent to their Aadhaar-linked mobile number, to access a downloadable XML file with their Aadhaar details.

This file has all details that can be derived from an Aadhaar card—like name, gender, DOB, address—and is locked by default. Your customer sets up a 4-digit access code that can be used to unlock the contents of this file.

#What is Setu’s OKYC solution?

Our OKYC APIs let you fetch Aadhaar XML for your users in real-time—on your app/website—and is fully privacy compliant. We provide ready-to-use screens for your customers to get their Aadhaar XML in a shareable format, and to set up a share code. The share code is made available to you for accessing the contents of the file.

Our pre-built screens can be easily themed as per your brand colours and logo—and you can load these inside your app as a webview, or redirect your customers to the provided link via your website.

#What can I do with this product?

Offer your customers a smooth experience for OKYC. Extract verified details of your customers with confidence.

Whichever industry you belong to—insurance, finance, gaming, or even transportation and logistics—you can ease the onboarding and verification processes for your customers.

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