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#Aadhaar eSign

#What is eSign?

Our eSign APIs enable easy collection of Aadhaar based electronic signatures that are legally enforceable. This is built on top of NSDL and emudra infrastructure and is fully privacy compliant.

We also provide ready-to-use screens built on top of NSDL/emudra. These can be easily themed as per your brand colours and logo, and can be loaded inside your app as a webview or redirected to via your website.

#What can I do with this product?

Offer your customers a seamless experience of Aadhaar based electronic signatures. eSign APIs can be used to collect legally binding signatures on a document, for upto 6 signers.

Whichever industry you belong to—banking, insurance, finance, law and more—you can provide smooth onboarding experiences for your customers and enable contracts to be closed digitally.

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