#Fixed Deposits integration

#Step 1 — Create an FD app on The Bridge

The Bridge is Setu's developer console for managing your integrations. This is where you will configure your FD app.

You can find Setu Fixed Deposits product under Investments category on The Bridge.

Once this config is set up, you will get client_id and client_secret relevant to the FD app—these credentials are required to make API calls on sandbox or production.

Configure FD app on Bridge ↗

#Step 2 — Choose integration method

Setu’s FD product allows you to choose between two integration methods.

#SDK integration

Embed the SDK on your page. Offer pre-built end-to-end FD journeys with thoughtfully designed UX, easily collect user details and full-fill FD bookings.

Look at the Integrate Via SDK guide to proceed.

#API integration

Integrate directly with our APIs and build your own UI. API Integration guide coming soon.

Meanwhile, to begin integration, you can browse the API reference directly.

#Step 3 — Go live

Once you have finished integration on sandbox, these are the steps to go live on production—

  • Complete Infosec checklist—Reference the full list of requirements that you need to fulfil, to go live and start offering FDs. View the checklist for SDK integration or API integration.
  • Contact deposits team—Send an email with your FD app ID that you configured on The Bridge, explaining your use case to deposits.biz@setu.co and the business team will take it forward from there.
  • Execute legal agreements—This will be shared once you start the conversation with the business team.

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