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#Frequently asked questions

Read on to understand more about our Deposits product, through the questions we most commonly encounter from businesses that want to integrate with us.

Is booking an FD on this platform any different than booking an FD from Banking channels directly (via a branch or online) in terms of validity and security of the FD?

No, the FD that is booked through the platform is just as valid and safe as booking an FD from Banking channels directly (via a branch or online). Your money goes to Bajaj Finserv Bank directly & an FD is booked in your name on their system.

What if I need money urgently & need to close my FD before maturity?

No problem! You can close your FD by visiting your closest Bank Branch. If you redeem your FD before maturity, the interest rate applicable will depend on how many days you held the FD for. Of course, you will get your full principal amount at all times.

What if I want to connect with the Bank customer support. What can be the ways to do it?

You can connect with Bank customer support either via email or on their toll free number. Below are the details of the same:-

Toll-free Number
Ujjivan SFBcustomercare@ujjivan.com1800 2082121
Bajaj Financewecare@bajajfinserv.in8698010101

What to do if FD payment is done but FD is not booked?

There can be 2 scenarios here:

  • FD not booked
  • FD rejected by Bank

In both the cases, funds will be credited back to your bank account in 4-5 working days. If that does not happen for any reasons, please reach out to the above mentioned contact information and we will assist you with the information.

How are these FDs different from the once offered in the normal banking channels?

These FDs are exactly the same FDs offered in normal banking environments w.r.t. Interest rates, Maturity, product type and tenure.

If you have any further questions or concerns, do reach out to and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

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