You can invite other members of your organisation onto Bridge, and also specify different types of permissions for a user to access your Bridge account. Click on the “Org settings” icon on the left nav panel, and select the “People” card.


You can assign specific roles to each user, where each role has certain permissions and access levels across Bridge. The following table shows the capabilities of each user.

Admin Developer Maintainer Reporter
Add new users × × ×
Create product configurations × ×
Edit existing configurations ×
View transaction & settlement reports
Manage API keys × × ×
View API keys × × ×

Add a user#

Navigate to “Org settings” from the left nav panel. If you are an Admin for this partner ID, you should be able to see the “People” card. Click the card to proceed.

Now, click on the “Invite new member” button on the top right. You should see the invite form as shown below.


First, enter the email of the person you want to invite, and the role type. Refer to the table above to select the role. Keep in mind the user has the same role on both Sandbox and Production, and cannot have different roles across environments.

Select the product configurations to give access to on Sandbox and/or Production.

Note the following—

  • Enable at least 1 environment for any role.
  • If you select an Admin role, the user will have access to all present and future product configs on both Sandbox & Production. Additionally they will have access to all other Admin features.
  • If you select the Maintainer or Reporter role, provide access to at least 1 configuration per enabled environment.

Once done, hit the “Send Invite” button on the top right. This invites the user to log in to your partner ID with the specified role. Once they accept the invite and log in, their status on the people list page should change to “Active”.

Edit a user’s role#

Navigate to Organisation settings → People.

Search for the user you want to edit permissions for, and click to Edit permissions for the user.

While editing a role, you may want to—

  • Disable or enable access to Sandbox or Production. Note that at least 1 environment always needs to be enabled for a user.
  • Change the role of a user. Note that if you select Maintainer or Reporter role, you will need to provide access to at least 1 configuration per enabled environment.
  • Add or remove product configurations that a Developer or Maintainer or Reporter user can access on Sandbox or Production.

Disable a user’s role#

We are releasing this feature soon.

At times you may want to disable a user, if they leave your organisation or for other reasons. Click on “Edit” and then the “Disable user” button to remove access to your partner account for that particular user.

Change partner#

A user may be assigned roles by more than one partner with an account on The Bridge. If so, the user will see a list of partners they have access to, once they log in. The user can then select the partner they want to log in to.

The user may also switch their partner after logging in by navigating to Organisation settings → Switch org and selecting the new partner.

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