#Steps to integrate with Setu FD SDK

Integrate with Setu FD SDKs to offer pre-built end-to-end FD booking journeys on your page. Here is a broad overview of the integration steps—

Step 1 — Generate partner token

This step involves calling below API —

  • Get partner access token API — Obtain partner accessToken for yourself, for usage in all other SDK APIs. You need to pass the client_id and client_secret obtained from the last step of Bridge configuration.

Step 2 — Generate SDK token

This step involves calling below API —

  • Get SDK token API — Obtain SDK accessToken and refreshToken for a user, for invoking the SDK on your page

Step 3 — Invoke the SDK journey on your page

This step involves adding a button to your page and invoking the SDK using a JavaScript function. A valid SDK accessToken and refreshTokenfrom the previous step is necessary to invoke the function.

You can also pre-fill some parameters for the user like `amount`, `tenure`, `kycParams`, `personalParams` etc., if available.


Here are the endpoints you would need for calling APIs of Step 1 and Step 2 —

  • Sandbox URL — https://fd-mock-backend.setu.co
  • Production URL — https://fd-prod-backend.setu.co

Alternatively, for testing, you can run Step 1 and Step 2 in Postman.

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