#Test FIU APIs with Postman

#Download and set up Postman

Download and setup the Postman App, if you haven’t already. All APIs required for an FIU have been published in this collection. Click on Run in Postman button on the top right corner to import Setu FIU’s API collection to Postman.

Update collection variables

To edit collection variables in Postman, click on the collection and go to Variables.

Postman collection comes wth default test credentials. Set the following variable in the collection on Postman—

  • Set client_id to the FIU app client ID received on Bridge.
  • Set client_secret to the FIU app client secret received on Bridge.
  • Set mobile_number to the user's mobile number that will be used for testing.

Remove any new lines at the end after pasting values, to avoid errors.

Hit Save after all the changes are complete.

Next, you're now ready to approve consents and fetch decrypted financial data using the following API flows—

  • Consent flow—Create and share data consent requests with your customer, along with handling of approvals/rejections.
  • Data fetch flow—To request for and fetch the data, if your customer approved the consent request.

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